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Welcome to the press section of our website. Feel free to browse through IF Games releases or access a variety of materials, ranging from fact sheet to screenshots, artwork or videos.

About IF Games 

Founded in 2014, IF Games is a privately held game development studio that specializes in creating branded games, serious games and compelling interactive experiences with a distinctive visual style and highquality game play.

The Perils of Man was developed in association with award‐winning animation studio boutiq, based in Zurich, Switzerland, which develops and produces a wide range of animated shorts and commercials.

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Fact Sheets

The Perils of Man fact sheet English (3,8MB)

The Perils of Man fact sheet German (3,8MB)



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The Perils of Man Episode 1 press photos (36 images, 13,5MB)

The Perils of Man Episode 2 press photos (61 images, 19,6MB)

The Perils of Man gameplay screenshots (9 images, 20,4MB)


The Perils of Man trailers

All videos are available for download at Vimeo.