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Great news! Our game 'Perils of Man' is now available in the Apple App Store and on Steam!

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Perils of Man

The Perils of Man

Perils of Man reboots the classic graphic adventure genre with striking 3D animations, challenging puzzles and a story that will span four generations, and leave you pondering its profound implications. By bringing veteran game designer Bill Tiller together with Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Beckner, and Perils’ creative director Michael Huber, the team developed a sweeping, multigenerational saga.

When sixteen year-old Ana Eberling receives an unexpected gift from her missing father, she is catapulted headlong into a gripping mystery that will take her on a journey through time. Ana is amazed to learn that her ancestors were inventors of an incredible technology that gave them the power to eliminate uncertainty. Ana needs to know why her family has fiercely kept this potential boon to humanity from the public for generations, and if the answer to that question has something to do with her missing father. Ultimately Ana must decide if a perfectly predictable world is a curse on humanity, or a triumph for mankind.

– Winner of the Best Game Design Award at Indie Game Cup White Nights Conference 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia
– Development Award Nominee at Game Connection America 2015 : Excellence in Story & Storytelling
– Winner of the SGDA Swiss Game Award 2014: Game of the Year

Split’s Amazing Journey

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Minor – Split’s amazing journey is a new branding game, which is developed by IF Games to rounding off the unique cross-media campaign of Minor by Maestrani. For over 150 years Maestrani has been wholeheartedly committed to creating a very special delicacy: chocolate.

In various levels, the player helps Split to collect the best nuts to create the tastiest Swiss chocolate: Minor. Who successfully copes with the 25 levels travels not only through a magic forest, over a dragon mountain, crosses a nut lake, a vanilla park and enters a chocolate castle.

With a little bit of luck players can win a year’s supply of Minor chocolate. In the end of the game it reveals that, in the finest Minor tradition, the squirrel Split has been instrumental in perfecting the quality of the beloved Minor candy bar. Thus the new tagline for the over 100-year old brand is „made by true nut lovers“.

To learn more about Perils of Man, visit perilsofman.com!

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